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Google Launches First-Ever Beta Version of Android 12L

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Google Launches First-Ever Beta Version of Android 12L

Google releases most anticipated Android 12L, explicitly designed for large screen devices

Tech giant Google in a recent announcement has stated that it has released its first-ever beta version of Android 12L. It is designed specifically for large-screen devices. You can install Android 12L to be among the first to test this new operating system. The company has also said that the users can now install the latest Android 12L version and can be among the first to test this brand-new operating system.

The all-new Android 12L will have a two-column layout exclusively meant for devices with larger screens. This will allow the users to get more information at once. For instance, users can easily display quick settings and notifications side by side. Besides, Google is working to improve multitasking functioning by designing a new drag an app application from the taskbar, which will enable users to switch between two apps.

Google has stated that one can install 12L on Pixel supported devices like Pixel 3A through the Pixel 5A. The new 12L beta will also run on an emulator when it becomes more widely available. Users can enroll through the app to test the latest beta version 12L's new APIs.

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