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Is there a concert this week? Just ask Google!

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Is there a concert this week? Just ask Google!

Google is updating its app and mobile web experience in the US and all for the sake of Events!

Google has announced that it is adding another feature to the Google app to show events like concerts, art shows and the sort. This move comes in the wake of increasing number of queries from users asking for events near them. A good deal, right? Not so much really, but we'll let you decide for yourself. Other than its simplicity it is something that already exists.

Considering the fact that Facebook dominates the public events domain and has been doing so for the past few years, it does not look very good for Google itself. Facebook has over a 100 million users using the feature daily. Users can even respond to the event update by marking if they are going to the event or not. Over 650 million users worldwide are using this feature currently. Facebook even has a standalone events app that focuses solely on events.

Although Facebook does seem to have a better solution for this, Google has got something up its sleeves, after all, it is Google! Its reply to this is simple, literally! The selling point of this update is its easy access and simplicity. You have go to the Facebook app and then search for the events you like. With Google on the other hand, things are more simpler. Ask your Google assistant and all the events appear on the screen. You can even track the event to get regular updates from Google.

Google is also working with event related websites to make sure the relevant information shows up on the search. All you have to do is type in the query and you get your events.

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