LinkedIn launches new features helping marketers reach new users

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LinkedIn launches new features helping marketers reach new users

LinkedIn has launched a new feature that will help marketers reach new users easily. The newly launched feature called LinkedIn Marketing Solutions (LMS) with help boost the right content, amplify brand presence, and drive business. It will also provide marketers with deeper audience insights, making it easier to track how their promotional campaigns are performing on the site.

“Navigating through the present volatility and unpredictability has made ‘time’ an even more valuable asset for marketers today, who continue to juggle many responsibilities, said Sachin Sharma, Director, LinkedIn Marketing Solutions for India.

One of the features called ‘Boosting’ will allow marketers to boost an organic post performing well. The boost can be done with a simple click and few payment details. The new feature will enable marketers to boost posts in real-time from their LinkedIn page instead of putting money upfront.

Event ads is another great feature that will help any LinkedIn user to post details about an event and promote it by allowing members to know if their mutual connections have expressed interest in the event or attending it.

LinkedIn is also introducing ‘Custom Streaming,’ which will help markets broadcast their LinkedIn Live streams through streaming tools like Zoom, WebEx, or OBS. Apart from that, the Microsoft-owned company will also enable the option to go live with Microsoft Teams. This feature has been added as live streams have been very popular in the pandemic and witnessed over 400% year-over-year jump in the past year.

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