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Microsoft Edge incorporates new features to Windows 10

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Microsoft Edge incorporates new features to Windows 10

Microsoft Edge plans to bring in the next generation web experiences into real life. Although it has already brought some new features like selection of multiple tabs by through tab preview, it still focuses on bringing additional technologies and services.

Google has recently come up with a technology called WebVR, where it combines virtual reality with modern technologies.  And Microsoft Edge on windows 10 supports this forward technology as well. Another interesting feature that has been incorporated into the Edge Browser is the WebRTC technology, where it supports the real time audios, videos as well as text communications.

Technology has made it easier to make any kind of payments within a fraction of second. And Web payments have become the standard for any kind of online transactions.  This ensures an easier and more secure way of making transactions or payments through web by streamlining checkout.

Apart from this web authentication as well as web assembly is also included in the updates by Edge. Authentication as we all know is about authenticating the user’s login and is henceforth a big part of future technologies like biometrics.

Web assembly is another open standard, a new binary format for web applications contributed to and managed by Google, Microsoft and Mozilla.  Also with advanced technologies, it is definitely a faster and a better approach to JavaScript.

All thanks to current Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella. Things are taking a different turn on all fronts. Now that Microsoft edge with Windows 10 creators update is even more competitive to Google in some aspects like performance, security, privacy, etc.

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