Microsoft Announces a Fundraising and Engagement Solution

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Microsoft Announces a Fundraising and Engagement Solution

Microsoft has announced a Fundraising and Engagement solution as part of its broader Dynamics 365 platform. The solution will help users connect with more donors, supporters, and volunteers. The solution will give users a comprehensive view of constituents, their homes, and organizations.

The Fundraising and Engagement solution is backed by the full Microsoft stack and it uses the cloud infrastructure through Azure with business intelligence and reporting capabilities. The solution will help increase donor loyalty and their lifetime by getting a good understanding of funder priorities. This will enable fundraisers to respond in kind and cater to organizational and program needs.

The solution was announced by Erik Arnold, Global Chief Technology Officer, Tech for Social Impact, Microsoft Philanthropies on a blog. He wrote: “The solution supports the most common fundraising scenarios across multiple donation types and channels—including major and annual giving, recurring gift and membership programs, opportunity and designation management, and household and life event management.”

This will allow marketers to leverage campaign, package, and appeal workflows, along with insights and campaign segmentation tools available on the Microsoft platform, to execute informed campaigns. The nonprofits can transform the full lifecycle of fundraising through the solution as it can help them fully digitize their entire operations without the need for substantial investments in customized solutions.

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