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Microsoft Productivity Score Now Generally Available

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Microsoft Productivity Score Now Generally Available

As digital transformation gets a big push during the COVID-19 pandemic to keep with the pace of change and for resilience in business, there has been a need for a tool that could help organizations keep track of how well it is working. To address this, Microsoft Productivity Score has been made generally available by Microsoft.

According to Microsoft, Productivity Score builds on the Microsoft Graph data to give you insights on how your organization is doing. It will help enterprises gain visibility into how they work. It will also identify the points where they can make improvements and take actions to update skills and systems to enhance work productivity. The tool shows people's experiences across five categories, including content collaboration, meetings, communication, teamwork, and mobility.

Microsoft Productivity Score can also identify how engagement has changed over the past six months, which will help measure the transformation journey. Microsoft wrote on its blog wrote: “Productivity Score identifies areas where you can offer people training to learn how to use the tools to their fullest capacity. For example, the new teamwork category (available today) provides a score based on the percentage of people who engage in teamwork within shared workspaces like SharePoint, Microsoft Teams, and group mailboxes in Exchange.”

Productivity Score has been rolled out in the Microsoft 365 Admin Center.

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