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Major Tech Companies Form Modern Computing Alliance

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Major Tech Companies Form Modern Computing Alliance

The leading tech companies of today, including Google, Intel, Slack, Zoom, VMware, and more, have come together to form Modern Computing Alliance. The alliance aims to address the complexity of the computing challenges as the need for it grows worldwide.

The Modern Computing Alliance will work to innovate and develop new ways to develop open solutions that go beyond products or brands to create a better experience for everyone. The alliance will address the most persistent challenges faced by the end-users today, including performance, security and identity, remote work, productivity, collaboration, and healthcare.

Google Cloud blog on the alliance wrote: “Join us as we drive the next wave of innovation. The Alliance members are all in place and ready to get to work, but there’s one essential voice missing: yours. We need IT champions like yourself to be a part of the newly founded Modern Computing IT Council, to help us shape the next era of innovation. If you’re passionate about the possibilities of modern computing, please join us to make your voice heard.”

The Modern Computing Alliance is developing an integrated roadmap that uses collective experience, insights, and expertise to give a clear path forward and improve customer choice and the enterprise computing market.

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