Motion Stills app on Android now has AR Stickers from Google

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Motion Stills app on Android now has AR Stickers from Google

Google’s Motion Stills app on Android where users could edit video or gifs is getting an AR upgrade. The app is launching some fun AR Stickers and it will be rolled out on the Pixel 2 and a number of other Android devices. The best part is that the app doesn’t require ARCore support and hence available across a wide variety of Android phones running 5.1 and up.

Motion Stills delivers some really good augmented reality surface tracking, pinning 3D models from Poly like chickens, robots or dinosaurs onto surfaces inside your environment. With this, users can record gifs and videos within the app itself.

Once the user taps the viewfinder to place an object, the app drops an object in that place/scene, assuming that it is the ground. This is achieved by using the phone’s accelerometer as a reference point. Next, the app separates the camera's rotation and translation estimates to create a 3D translation. It then combines that with gyroscopic data to give the users a truly perspective-correct view of virtual objects, even if you pan away and come back.

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