Alexa NVIDIA EGX AI Platform gets a Boost

NVIDIA EGX AI Platform gets a Boost

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NVIDIA EGX AI Platform gets a Boost

NVIDIA has introduced the Omniverse 3D simulation and collaboration platform on its powerful NVIDIA EGX AI platform to help creative professionals accelerate their production workflows. The extension of Omniverse on the EGX platform is bound to help artists, designers, technologists and other professionals in the media and entertainment industry greatly.

The NVIDIA EGX platform leverages the capabilities of NVIDIA RTX GPUs, NVIDIA Virtual Data Center Workstation software, and NVIDIA Omniverse. This helps the users to optimize the collaborative process while creating content and virtual production. The platform's application helps professionals and studios use this to reduce costs while boosting creativity across teams and applications.

"With NVIDIA Omniverse, creative teams have the ability to deliver real-time results by creating, iterating, and collaborating on the same assets while using a variety of applications," said NVIDIA in its blog. The Omniverse with the EGX platform and NVIDIA Virtual Workstation will let the artists focus on creating high-quality content without waiting.

Artists need to design and collaborate with different teams and studios on same productions often. Omniverse running on the EGX platform will let the users access the power of virtual workstations to create, iterate, and present renders using their preferred application easily. Users will also be able to access secure and updated datasets from any device with this introduction of the Omniverse.

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