New AI device by OrCam for people with hearing impairment

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New AI device by OrCam for people with hearing impairment

OrCam is on the verge of extending its product lineup with new devices to increase sales. The company’s well-known device till now is OrCam MyEye 2, a small device for visually impaired to guide them see the world.

The company at CES event unveiled that it is going to include new features to MyEye 2 along with the existing features like showing the text and signs to read the text loud, identify faces and recognize objects and money notes. The added features can help you guide better.

Say for example, if you ask your device “what’s lying in front of me?” The device will answer “door”. You can ask the device later to direct you towards the door.

For those people with hearing impairment, OrCam is coming up with OrCam Hear. This device can be used in loud rooms so that the voice can be heard in public space.

OrCam is all prepared to launch OrCam Read, a handheld AI reader. Here, you need not clip a camera to your glasses, you have to just take the device and point it at the text. This device is specifically designed for people who are suffering with reading difficulties from dyslexia.

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