This robot can track the happenings in busy construction sites

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This robot can track the happenings in busy construction sites

It is a nightmare to understand unfinished structures, deformed materials, and occupied workers. What do I mean by this? Tracking what’s going on! Here comes Scaled Robotics which has developed a robot that can track this confusion and produce 3D progress maps in minutes, precise enough to detect that a beam is just a centimeter or two off.

A project’s successful completion does not stand on manpower and materials alone, the critical part is to understand what’s been done and what needs to be done and for this proper training and equipments are necessary.

The robot trundles independently around the construction sites with the support of 360-degree camera and custom lidar system to record the happenings in the surroundings.  This happens when an object recognition system helps in differentiating between a constructed wall and a piece of sheet rock leaned against it, or between a staircase etc.

Bharath Sankaran, Co-founder notes, “It’s not just about getting management to buy in, you need the guy who’s going to use it every day to buy in. So we’ve made a conscious effort to fit seamlessly into what they do, and they love that aspect of it.”

He adds, “You don’t need a computer scientist in the room. Issues get flagged in the morning, and that’s a coffee conversation – here’s the problem, bam, let’s go take a look at it.”

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