AI Can Even Help Hire: Matching Companies to the Best Freelancers

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AI Can Even Help Hire: Matching Companies to the Best Freelancers

Tech giants like Cisco and other companies are hiring freelances using a new technology – Tara AI, an AI matching tool that connects artificial intelligence or projects with freelancers who have exact skills required to complete that project.

A few reasons why companies choose a freelancer over a full-time hire can be listed as – companies own projects with strict deadlines and may not have time for recruitment; the Budget says a “no” for a full-time hire; hiring managers can be uncertain about the skill-sets required, and so on.

But this might not be all; hiring freelancers too can open-up new challenges like a wrong match could cause project delays or even worse – project failure. To mitigate this is the new technology Tara AI, an AI implication in the freelance economy.

Tara AI works by learning from the openly available data on the web. It browses the Internet to find the owner of the code that closely matches the business requirements. The clients or freelancers seeking service of Tara AI allow it to access their GitHub data.

Tara AI doesn’t include features like negotiating on rates; instead, all developers are paid the same flat rate that is calculated based on the project difficulty. AI is having a major impact on the freelancers’ community, as it demands more freelancers with AI skills and AI is used to connect freelancers to businesses requiring them.                                                                                  

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