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Twitter's confirms 'Twitter Blue' Service for $2.99 per month

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Twitter's confirms 'Twitter Blue' Service for $2.99 per month

Twitter has accidentally revealed its upcoming "Twitter Blue" service by listing it on the app store listing. A famous app researcher, Jane Manchun Wong, first posted the screenshots, revealing the "Twitter Blue." Twitter's sole in-app purchase is listed in the app stores, priced at £2.49 in the UK and $2.99 in the US., though the feature doesn't seem to be fully enabled for users yet.

The researcher, Jane Manchun Wong, first noticed the update through reverse engineering. She also uncovered several details about Twitter's upcoming subscription service and what the $2.99 a month will get you. According to the screenshots shared, paid subscribers will get an "undo tweet" feature, better customization options with color themes and app icons, and access to "reader mode," which will make the reading easier. Apart from this, she also found evidence that Twitter Blue may let users create bookmark collections.

Last year, the CEO of the social media company hinted that they are in the "very, very early phases" of exploring a subscription model, but the company is yet to make any official announcement. However, the app store listings make it clear that the feature is undoubtedly coming and is not mere speculation. Last month, the company also launched a new "tip jar" feature that allowed people to send money to other users on the social network. For now, only a select group of people can receive tips - a group Twitter said was made up of "creators," journalists, experts, and non-profit organizations.

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