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VMware forges container partnership with Google and Pivotal

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VMware forges container partnership with Google and Pivotal

Google, VMware and Pivotal have forged a partnership to work together on containerization. According to the companies involved, the project aims to simplify creating, deploying and managing container projects at scale.

Containerization already exists. What the companies are talking about here is bringing a set of open-source products and providing a commercial underpinning with the various parties in the partnership bringing the product to market. While they will be working together, the product will be sold through their own channels. Google will sell it as a part of GCP. Dell EMC, which owns both Pivotal and VMware, will probably sell it with their hardware offerings in a package.

So to put it simply, Google will bring Kubernetes,  the open-source container orchestration tool that containerization is based on, on the table. Pivotal will add a Platform as a Service piece with Cloud Foundry and VMware will bring it all together with a management layer.

Called the Pivotal Container Service or PKS for short, it is the result of the companies banding together to deliver “production-ready Kubernetes” on VMware vSphere and Google Cloud Platform (GCP) with ensured ongoing compatibility with Google Container Engine.

The end product is actually based on Kubo, which is an open-source container management product jointly developed by Google and Pivotal. The basic idea here is to provide a familiar container development environment on Cloud Foundry for developers used to working with Kubernetes.

The underlying management layer will be VMware, which will take care and manage the entire container lifecycle, allowing operations to deploy containers. So putting it all together, what you get is an enterprise-class container creation, deployment and management system.

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