VMware and NVIDIA to Deliver an Enterprise Platform for AI

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VMware and NVIDIA to Deliver an Enterprise Platform for AI

VMware and NVIDIA have announced a new partnership that promises to deliver an enterprise platform for AI and a new architecture for data center, cloud, and edge. The collaboration will allow the integration of a set of AI software available on the NVIDIA NGC hub into VMware vSphere, VMware Cloud Foundation and VMware Tanzu.

“We’re going to bring the power of AI to every enterprise. We’re going to bring the NVIDIA AI computing platform and our AI application frameworks onto VMware,” NVIDIA CEO,Jesen Huang said.

The collaboration aims to help AI adoption across enterprises and extend existing infrastructure for AI. This will help manage applicationswith single set of operations and deploy AI-ready infrastructure wherever the data resides.

“Our audience is so excited to see how we’re coming together, to see how everything they’ve done for the past two decades with VMware now it’s going to be even further expanded,” Pat Gelsinger, CEO of VMware said.

The companies will also collaborate on VMware’s Project Monterey to deliver architecture for the hybrid cloud based on SmartNIC technology including NVIDIA’s programmable BlueField-2 DPU.

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