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Amazon is striving to make Alexa ubiquitous


Amazon is striving to make Alexa ubiquitous

Amazon is pushing Alexa everywhere, from earphones to rings to glasses; the company won’t stop until Alexa is out there with you. Now, the E-commerce giant has announced a major change to its digital assistant; Alexa voice service is now open to manufacturers of devices that feature as little 1MB of RAM.

This recent breakthrough is supposed to push Alexa across a wide variety of connected gadgets for home, office, cars and a lot more. Alexa is highly popular among consumers and it can be found in several smart speakers both from Amazon and other third parties and also certain smart TVs, smart displays, etc.

With the latest feature, Alexa Voice service now supports devices that have low-power and inexpensive Cortex-M processor as low as 1 MB of RAM. This lets companies manufacture their products like wearables, light bulbs and more with built-in Alexa at considerably low prices.

Dirk Didascalou, VP, AWS Internet of Things says the devices can be ‘ultra dumb’, meaning Alexa offloads majority of its work to the cloud and the device only needs a hardware that is competent enough to process the wake word “Hey Alexa” and the rest of all the functions happen on the cloud.

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