Alexa Track your sleep with Beddit tracker from Apple

Track your sleep with Beddit tracker from Apple


Track your sleep with Beddit tracker from Apple

A year ago, Apple had acquired Beddit Oy, a technology-based company from Finland that develops sleep tracking devices and apps that help to monitor sleeping habits. Now, Apple has released the first Beddit sleep tracker.

The Beddit 3.5 Sleep Monitor is just a thin strip embedded with sensors that you need to place under the bed sheets and the sensor strip tracks the body movements throughout the night. The IoT device can measure your heart rate overnight, breathing, snoring, and the sleep time. It also checks the bedroom temperature and humidity.

The reason that makes Beddit popular is that you don’t need to wear it all night as other sleep monitoring trackers require you to. You can just place it under the sheets and forget about it! The monitoring device can be linked with your Apple Watch which can give you the sleep reports, bedtime reminders, and also nudge you to sleep.

At present, the Apple Watch Series 4 isn’t equipped with any sleep tracking abilities. But the Beddit app is filling up that gap to track your sleep. The Health app on your iPhone and Apple Watch running on iOS 12 or later can also read you the Beddit reports. The Beddit sleep monitoring device is available for $150 on Apple’s website and in-stores.

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