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Google Play Store to sell Audiobooks


Google Play Store to sell Audiobooks

The Google Play store will now start selling audiobooks and the company has already begun marketing and advertising for it. The campaign for the audiobooks is that the user’s first audiobook purchase will have a 50 percent off.

However, the audiobooks aren’t available for purchase just yet. And neither has Google indicated when the sales will go live. So far, Google has ensured that the groundwork is laid for the upcoming audiobook store. The audiobooks are part of the update on Google’s Play Book app.

This update includes several codes and features on the app. The code points to audiobooks in the store, and that the app will allow users to navigate through the chapters using chapter titles. The update will also feature a track path of their progress on multiple devices. This also directs towards Google Cast functionality.

Challenging Audible and the Book Market

So far, if you’ve purchased an audiobook, it’s most likely from Audible. But with the new update from Google, Audible is going in for some stiff competition. One of Audible’s striking features was to allow users to navigation. Since Google is also bringing this feature, one has to wait and see which is better. Although there are other audiobooks retailers, Audible is leading in popularity. Apart from Audible, Google will also challenge Amazon’s domination in the book and reading market. 


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