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Cisco to invest in Australian agricultural IoT firm


Cisco to invest in Australian agricultural IoT firm

Australian agricultural IoT firm ‘Titan Class’ has recently received an unspecified investment from Cisco, with whom it has joined hands with on an agritech offering. Both Cisco and Titan Class together have developed an IoT decision support platform for farmers known as eXtensible Decision Platform which is an open-source microservice toolkit exclusively for IoT services.

Cisco in a recent interview stated, “With a single Titan Class deployment, farmers can use up to a thousand sensors without restriction. These sensors have been proven on operating farms to reliably communicate over several kilometers from a simple on-farm communications tower and each sensor has inexpensive commodity batteries that can last for years.”

Agriculture is one such topic that regularly requires a lot of potentials; the researchers are developing different and innovative tools in order to help the farmers. As per the agreement, the universities that Cisco collaborating with will establish a new position of Cisco Chair of the IoT, and students and educators will have full access to Cisco’s digital school's network.

This new IoT platform helps farmers by technology and also teaches them how to utilize it. The offering is designed to provide farmers real-time insight into the health of their crops by various procedures which include: checking soil conditions, including pH levels and humidity. Cisco’s collaboration with universities and organizations to help the farmers is being appreciated across the globe.

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