Alexa A premium thermostat from Ecobee soon?
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A premium thermostat from Ecobee soon?


A premium thermostat from Ecobee soon?

We’ve already seen images of a possible contact sensor from Ecobee. Now comes another revelation of a possible premium thermostat from the company. Leaked by the Ecobee itself, the plans for a smart thermostat were revealed to expand its presence in the smart home IoT hub. Expect a new flagship Ecobee thermostat soon!

The rumored thermostat is coined Ecobee4+ and looks like it has a glass screen instead of the plastic ones. The room sensor will include new and premium features sources said. Dave Zatz- the prime source of detail for all things Ecobee has gathered bits of information about the upgraded thermostat. He also says the name is based on FCC’s certification database submitted by Ecobee itself.

Zatz also mentions that the product has a magnetic base and not a plastic one. However, Ecobee isn’t confirming or denying any of these reports. In a tweet, Ecobee said: “…The rumor mill is working overtime but you won't catch us fueling it.” So you won’t be getting anything out of Ecobee anytime soon.

On the other hand, it’s not just Dave Zatz who’s fueling these reports. Even at the Home Depot website, there’s a mention of a new temperature sensor indicating that it’s not just a prototype from Ecobee. So maybe, the product might be out soon.

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