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Elli Q, a robot for the elderly


Elli Q, a robot for the elderly

Intuition Robotics has developed an active robotic companion for the elderly. And they have named it Elli Q. The company believes that there is a technological gap between the aging and the new things out there. Elli Q was developed and introduced in order to bridge that distance and make it tech-friendly for them. It uses the latest technology to overcome the gaps that have been created by the digital technology itself. Apart from being tech-friendly, Elli Q is a companion that elders need around their home as a companion. Elders using it will have a simple experience which enables them to stay connected with their families.

How It Works

Elli Q is designed in such a way that it uses emotions, speech interface, sound, light and images to understand and express through ‘body language’. The usage of its body language is quite unique, which hasn’t been seen in any other home device. Through artificial intelligence, it learns the tastes and preferences of its user. It comes along with a tablet which runs of Android platform. The tablet here is loosely referred to a remote screen which the developers believe is quite essential. 

Another unique feature about Elli Q is that it proactively recommends activities. The developers believe that this is one of the best selling features that Elli Q has to offer. Most home devices out there are based as reactive systems, which respond only when called for. But Elli Q is based on cognitive computing, where it wakes up at appropriate intervals and recommends activities like either walking or watching some digital content like TED talks, music or even audio books. Elli Q is capable of analyzing the scene and comes up with its own suggestions.

Intuition Robotics is currently manufacturing these robots. They are planning on value prop testing, where they want to test how effective it is going to be with the elder population. By leaving Elli Q in people’s home, they plan to continue its learning which in turn enhances the user’s experience.  

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