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To speed up enterprise IoT adoption, Eseye launches Global Professional Services Organization


To speed up enterprise IoT adoption, Eseye launches Global Professional Services Organization

Eseye brings out Global Professional Services Organization for more IoT adoption

Eseye helps companies visualize the impossible and create some solutions via innovative IoT cellular connectivity solutions that help customers to escalate business value, deploy differentiated experiences and help explore markets.

When there is no experienced technical team, there will be an escalation in unforeseen risks which poses to be a threat to the project. This is the reason Eseye launched new Global Professional Services Organization for IoT, which directs customers from ideation and proof of concept, through the design, development, and deployment of global IoT solutions at scale. Via Global Professional Services Organization, Eseye’s team will always make sure that the desired results are reached, delivered on time and within the budget, helping customers to realize their desired business outcomes from IoT.

After the appointment Brian Casto, SVP, Global Professional Services said: "Eseye has experienced robust sales growth in 2021 which underlines the acceleration of demand for enterprise-level IoT solutions powered by true global connectivity. With this heightened demand and predicted growth, we can expect to see many more enterprise-scale IoT projects underway. However, in my experience all too often companies lack the expertise internally to successfully develop and deploy scalable IoT-based solutions. Often, they don't have the resources to manage multiple vendor relationships for various components of the solution they are deploying, and they don't understand the complexities associated with these projects. There are security issues, logistics challenges, and the management and co-ordination of multiple vendors to consider.”

Brian adds, “Our new IoT service offerings are designed to take all that pain away and ensure these challenges are overcome so that projects are delivered to the market on time and don't get derailed or delayed, or worse still, don't realize the benefits or ROI specified at the outset."

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