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Google adds a new feature to its Chromecast


Google adds a new feature to its Chromecast

Google’s Chromecast is a household name and its ecosystem surrounding the streaming dongles is elephantine. Google is shortly launching a new feature on Chromecast which provides tips in the background.

You should understand that when your Chromecast stops working then it shifts to backdrop mode. You will get information about weather, time or image of any sort like art, photograph or a satellite view. It is a fun IoT device which can apparently give you more information to this screen.

One Reddit user observed ads displayed at the bottom of the screen; supposedly they showed up after rebooting the device and haven’t displayed ever since. These ads give you tips about the content you can cast from certain services of Google Home device, but a user noticed that he did not find CBS or Viki which was promised by the device. The tips give you more insight about what your devices are capable of. They just appear for some time and disappear in no time, the Chromecast was running on firmware version 1.30.113131, and promoted the Google Home casting functionality on a couple of applications.

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