Alexa Pixel Buds is your Personal Translator

Pixel Buds is your Personal Translator


Pixel Buds is your Personal Translator

The latest Google event rolled out many gadgets straight out of the red carpet. Apart from Pixel 2, Google has launched Pixel Buds that are wireless headphones. These headphones are particularly designed for a Pixel user, just like AirPods are made for the iPhone.

Let’s accept it; the Pixel Buds have lot of ideas from the AirPods. It comes with a battery case, uses touch control, and they have tight integration with an intelligent assistant. They're also priced exactly the same which is $159, just like Apple.

Real-time Translation

But there are few things that set the Pixel Buds apart from Apple’s AirPods. First off, the Pixel Buds come with a real-time language translator. In fact, the onstage demo that blew everyone’s minds! The conversation from English to Swedish went off seamlessly and without a hitch.

The translations take about 1-2 seconds after people finish their sentence. The presenters boasted that it was like “having a personal translator by your side.” The best part is that it comes with 40 different languages. Beat that!

You just have to touch and hold the right earbud and the Pixel Buds take off. You can use touch controls for other things like pausing music and calling up the Assistant. The only thing is that you’ll need Pixel 2 to take full advantage of the feature.

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