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Haier's Asu Smartwatch comes with Projectors


Haier's Asu Smartwatch comes with Projectors

The smartwatches have made things a lot easy by displaying various information right on our wrists. Now, things are about to get even easier with better visibility from smartwatches. Now smartwatches are bringing out information at the back of your hand with the creation of Haier’s Asu watch. This enormous smartwatch comes with a built-in projector.

With the projector, the watch creates a second screen on the back of your hand where additional information can be displayed. Let’s take, for instance, you’re on your routine jog/run. The projector will display distance, time, and progress toward fitness goals. The watch screen will have controls to pause and finish your workout.

But that’s not all. The projection can even support gesture controls. Users can simply double tap on their hands to change what’s on the screen. But since the whole watch is still developmental, it’ll take a while for it to function smoothly.

The Dancing Man

 Absurdly, a little man and a tentacle appear on-screen, and he briefly does a dance. For a few seconds, he also appears projected onto your hand. No one has a clue as to why this feature is there, but there’s an entire app dedicated to it. Apart from this dancing man, the projector is mainly dedicated to the fitness app. The smartwatch sales are going to hit the Chinese market first.

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