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Huawei and Gentle Monster collaborate for Smart Glasses


Huawei and Gentle Monster collaborate for Smart Glasses

The Huawei P30 Pro is launched. But Huawei has more announcements to make. Partnering with a South Korean fashion brand- Gentle Monster, Huawei is all set to release its first smart glasses. Popular across Asia, Gentle Monster is a luxury eyewear company associated with unique designs for eyewear.

Headquartered in Seoul, Gentle Monster’s showrooms look more like art galleries as it was shown by the company’s CEO- Hankook Kim when he showcased the smart glasses. Taking a snap at Snap’s Spectacles, Mr. Kim asked the crowd: “How many people want to wear this as we meet our friends or lovers?”

These wearable IoT devices look a lot like regular sunglasses. That’s because they don’t have any cameras on them. If you tap at the temple of the glasses, you can answer a call through the dual mics and speakers. Through these, you can even access a voice assistant. To charge the glasses, you can do it wirelessly by simply keeping it in the case that holds them. Huawei has also given you the option to charge through a USB-C port. The glasses have a battery of 2,200mAh.

The glasses themselves are dust and water resistant with IP67. The price of the smart glasses wasn’t announced, but many variants are expected to be launched by June/July of this year. Taking a step towards fashion, it feels like Huawei might have ventured out into a smart partnership.

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