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An Open Gateway for IoT from Mozilla


An Open Gateway for IoT from Mozilla

In a latest announcement from Mozilla, the company announced that anyone can create an Open Gateway to control the internet of things. Mozilla confirmed that it is still working on set of frameworks and open standards. The main idea behind the open gateway is that users shouldn’t end up with an internet of things controlled by big tech companies.

The Open Gateway

For the open gateway, first Mozilla wishes to create an open standard with the W3C around the Web of Things. The idea behind this is that accessory makers and service providers should use the same standard to make devices talk to each other.

Next, Mozilla will work on a Web of Things Gateway. Through this gateway, users can control all their IoT devices like Amazon Echo, Philips Hue hub, Apple TV, and Google Home with an open device.

Apple, Google, Amazon, Samsung, and others have been creating their own standard to control all the connected devices around your home. With the open gateway, manufacturers could leverage this work to create their own gateways, eventually. Maybe, developers too could build a bridge between the API of the HomeKit and Amazon. If that becomes a reality, all devices can work with Amazon Echo, Google Home, or iPhone without too much effort!

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