Nissan Leaf open top is ravishing


Nissan Leaf open top is ravishing

It is ain’t necessary for electric cars to be intense about sedans or hatchbacks. This seems to be the message passed by Nissan for its unusual convertible Leaf concept. The car’s principle is: take the automaker’s electricity runabout and lop off the top.

In Japan, approximately 100,000 sales are marking the company’s success. Launched back in 2010, the Leaf started life from the repressed architecture of the EV-12 concept, the last in a series of prototype all-electric cars that also packed connectivity that – for the time – was unusual to find in a mass-market-minded vehicle.

Nissan is with all hopes to make the vehicle more alluring to mainstream drivers. The first generation car functioned till 2017 until a second generation model replaced. That elevated the IoT business, be it driver-assistance like Nissan’s ProPilot Assist or additional technology.

Since the information on other hardware changes is not revealed by the company, it is probable that horsepower and DC Fast Charging support continue to remain. That gives the Leaf around 90 miles of range from a 30-minute charge, as long as you can find a high-powered charging point.

If you want to buy it then you are out of luck! Because Nissan says the Leaf Open Car is just a concept and currently there is no production plans for the vehicle.

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