Alexa Samsung C-Lab shows-off its Products
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Samsung C-Lab shows-off its Products


Samsung C-Lab shows-off its Products

Samsung’s Creative Lab or C-Lab has creative additions to offer. The C-Lab is like a boost to the employees at Samsung, where they can build and spin-off startups by making use of the company’s bottomless resources.

At the CES 2018 trade show, Samsung is showing off its C-Lab creations. This includes a trio of experiments including an S-Ray speaker, Relumino smart glasses, and GoBreath. Here, S-Ray stands for Sound Ray and is primarily consumer-focused, while Relumino and GoBreath are smart-health products.

With Sound Ray, users can shrink the tech found in larger directional speakers to a more portable size. It is a hyper-focused listening experience beamed in one direction at the listener and completely removes the need for headphones! Relumino is aimed at improving the imagery for people with visual impairments. These smart glasses are actually Samsung’s Gear VR in the demo video and use a similar combination of smartphone and headset to display sharper images. 

Lastly, GoBreath is for all those who are suffering from lung damage. GoBreath comes with a portable device and a mobile app that presents various exercises designed to teach various breathing methods. The mobile app can track progress over time and share that information with a doctor. All in all, these off-spin products from the C-Lab have found their limelight at the CES expo.

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