Alexa UW creates a robot for disabled kids
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UW creates a robot for disabled kids


UW creates a robot for disabled kids

University of Waterloo alumni team made their school project a business that helps children with disability challenges.

Trexo is of great help to a six-year-old Ben Hatziioannou, who has cerebral palsy, a condition that causes stiff muscles and tremors, now he is walking with ease every step he takes. His mom felt the first session was an emotional one; she says, "It was probably a 20 or 30 minute session and he did over 300 steps."

"We build robotic exoskeletons which help move the children's legs, but they also provide them with a better quality of life," Nikitina, the company's COO, explains.

It was started as a school project but turned to be a growing business in Mississauga. This technology is now introduced in hospitals and clinics across Canada.

He said the idea of launching Trexo came after his nephew was diagnosed with cerebral palsy. Children withneuromuscular conditions or any other impairment can use Trexo.

"Our hope and goal is using the clinical studies as well as the data we're collecting that we can then take this to insurance providers down the road," Maggu, the company's CEOsays.

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