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Business opinion does Inclusivity have a limit?

Does Inclusivity have a limit?


Does Inclusivity have a limit?

Kim Kardashian, the famous reality star has been a business woman from the start. While she has had one of the most famous and successful makeup brands in the world, it was her recent business excursion that made her a billionaire; her beloved shapewear company SKIMS. SKIMS has taken the world by storm, with people constantly expressing their positive reviews about the brand.

The most recent promos and release for the addition of new shapewear was an attempt in inclusivity among the disabled community. The promotional pictures and videos that were posted on the brands social media platforms, garnered a lot of attention for featuring disabled models, more specifically models in wheelchairs. While this gained mainly favorable reviews, receiving vocal appreciation from other celebrities with disabilities, it did not go down well with one specific conservative commentator, Candace Owens.

The American author and talk show host went on her show to express her opinions about the SKIMS adaptive shapewear advertising campaign, opening calling the promotional photo shoot “ridiculous.” She continued to express her distaste for the brands promotions of inclusivity, claiming it was too much and didn’t understand the need for it. During the segment, talking about inclusivity she said "I really don't get it, and if I am wrong, educate me.”

Further adding “I don't know why this needs to be done." Saying, "I'm just getting tired of this all-inclusivity thing. It seems ridiculous."

The disability community did not take the comments well, and made sure to publicly express their views on Ms. Owens comments. Some famous names included model Haleigh Rosa, who herself is disabled and uses the help of a wheelchair, she responded to the talk show host in a now viral TikTok video, stating "This isn't the first nor the last campaign you will see with a wheelchair. We're not only in adaptive campaigns, we're everywhere."

Brands and companies all over the world have slowly but surely been more adaptive and inclusive when it comes to sizes and shapes of products they put out. While the world is slowly being represented with more diversity, it only makes sense to include the disabled community, for them to feel like they are represented and seen and treated with the same amount of care. Inclusivity has no limits, and brands like SKIMS, Tommy Hilfiger, Sephora and many more have taken a positive step towards change by including the disabled community. 

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