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Business opinion gun Violence can and should be stopped

Gun Violence can and should be stopped


Gun Violence can and should be stopped

While there are things in this world we cannot control, there are some we can. It is easy to leave things up to nature when it comes to natural disasters and other natural causes of death. Death is inevitable and has been since the beginning of time, whether that is through natural causes of old age, complex diseases or natural disasters like earthquakes, floods or tornados.

While is some twisted way death makes some sense, what doesn’t is death as a result of gun violence. The United States has reported gun violence to be the leading cause of death amongst youngsters. Recent research has shown that one in every five American families has seen death through gun violence. This research came one day after five people lost their lives to gun violence at the Louisville bank, Kentucky on 10th April, 2023. This brings the number of gun violence acts to a total of 146 times in the US this year alone.

The shooting that took the lives of five and injured at least 8 people including two police officers, becomes the 15th mass shooting in the past month. Studies across the country continue to show that gun-related incidents are an increasing commonality and are seriously over powering the innocent public.

The fear of gun violence taking the lives of young children and other innocent bystanders only grows as each day passes. Parents have expressed their concerns about sending their children to schools, with the fear that they may never see them again.

While cancer is the leading cause of death among children in the United Kingdom, gun violence is the leading cause of death in children in the United States of America. Gun Violence can be eradicated with the help of the government taking a firm stand against the issue, rather than offering condolences and prayers. Families of the victims deserve more than prayers and thoughts, they deserve a true change in the laws surrounding the accessibilities of arms, and children deserve to get a good education without having to fear entering a school premises.

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