Alexa Oracle believes over 90% humans would trust orders from AI robot
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Oracle believes over 90% humans would trust orders from AI robot


Oracle believes over 90% humans would trust orders from AI robot

Oracle has a big stake in developments when it comes to the landscape of AI. Recently though it conducted a survey that included 1,320 people. The study was conducted to see how people respond to the question “Are you comfortable taking orders from robots?

The answers came in and they were largely “yes”. In fact, the survey revealed the participants were overwhelmingly 93% in favour of robots presiding over us. After the hearing the response of the survey it seems possible that the robot overlords would be ordering us around in the years to come.

"While people are ready to embrace Artificial Intelligence at work, and understand that the benefits go far beyond automating manual processes, organizations are not doing enough to help their employees embrace AI and that will result in reduced productivity, skill set obsolescence, and job loss," Oracle said reacting on the survey. Oracle firmly believes that the application of AI will go beyond helping out by automating tasks and manual processes. It stresses that organizations are only fretting over the AI causing job losses and reduction in skill and productivity; instead, they would like organizations to help employees embrace the AI potential. Oracle is pushing hard for its Autonomous Database line and the survey conducted is an indication that the company is headed in the right direction.

"To help employees embrace AI, organizations should partner with their HR leaders to address the skill gap and focus their IT strategy on embedding simple and powerful AI innovations into existing business processes," says Emily He, SVP Oracle’s Human Capital Management Cloud Business. Oracle is interested in providing a solution to the discussion around how AI could cause massive job cuts. To help employees embrace AI, Emily thinks organizations need to work in partnership with their HR to address the skill gap and focus on their IT strategy to implement AI innovations into the already existent system.

Elaborating further Miss He said “AI will enable companies to stay competitive, HR leaders to be more strategic and employees to be more productive at work”. The study is favoring the idea of phasing out humans from working and replacing them with bots. But Oracle is looking forward and their opinion is that people are eager to know how they can use their AI robots and will embrace the presence of AI in their lives. That’s the way ahead.

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