The Gig Economy is de trop! SAP comes with a solution


The Gig Economy is de trop! SAP comes with a solution

The Gig Economy is at rise and there are many individuals working on temporary projects which can hinder the number of employees for permanent jobs. To bring balance, SAP introduced SAP Fieldglass Digital Network to automate the management of external talent management and services procurement.

President of SAP Fieldglass, Rob Brimm said that this new technology will help looking into everything from managing talent channels to candidate vetting, onboarding, workforce planning and HR management. The agencies that joined SAP Fieldglass Digital Network are: Catalant, freelance.de, Genesys, MBO Partners, Shiftgig, TalentNet, Talonfms, The Data Incubator, Twago, WorkMarket, and SAP Signature Management by DocuSign.

Line of business (LOB) executives handles the hiring of contractors. As the rules for hiring has become more stringent, firms are wanting to adopt new approach which is more structured, mentioned Brimm.

He adds by saying SAP Fieldglass Digital Network will help avoid any liability to emerge and it digitizes HR policies. The main goal of rolling out this technology is it helps integrating the procurement of external services with the backend payroll and general ledger applications used to pay for them.

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