Alexa SAP announces its first SAP.iO foundry for Asia
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SAP announces its first SAP.iO foundry for Asia


SAP announces its first SAP.iO foundry for Asia

SAP has announced the launch of the brand new SAP.iO foundry for Asia. The new foundry is up in Tokyo and will be accelerating five B2B technology startups based in Japan. The foundry will be providing these startups with curated mentorship.

These startups will be exposed to SAP technology and APIs. They will further get to collaborate with SAP customers. In addition, these startups also have access to the new SAP Leonardo Experience Center and Inspired Lab.

This foundry is SAP.iO’s eighth location globally. The foundries are SAP’s medium to help startups from all over the world innovate with their software. For now, the Tokyo SAP.iO foundry includes InstaVR, ZENKIGEN,, estie, and Innovia.

Commenting on the development, Ram Jambunathan, senior vice president and SAP.iO managing director said: “We see great potential in Tokyo as a startup hub for SAP customer-centric innovation and look forward to helping these entrepreneurs deliver winning outcomes and delightful experiences for SAP’s customers.”

SAP.iO is SAP’s business unit which has been focused on driving startup innovation and new business models for SAP. The company has been mentoring startups across the globe through its foundries.

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