Alexa SAP announces massive expansion to its Digital Commerce portfolio

SAP announces massive expansion to its Digital Commerce portfolio


SAP announces massive expansion to its Digital Commerce portfolio

SAP has announced the expansion of the SAP Digital Commerce portfolio, offering new services. The new update to the service makes it easy for SAP customers to connect and communicate in new ways while providing a better understanding of how to chart a course for their digital journey.

“The digital revolution transcends industries, geographies and traditional lines of business,” said Jonathan Becher, chief digital officer, SAP. “To help customers maneuver through the changes brought on by it, SAP is unveiling new offerings: services that expand SAP’s digital commerce portfolio beyond software, content and data; programmable digital interfaces that enable customers to embed new services into their communications mix; and tools to set the course for successful digital transformation.”

The expansion includes a range of new offerings by the SAP Digital Commerce team making it simple to buy offerings from SAP through a one-click contract and different digital payments through the SAP Store which is already available in 105 countries.

The new offerings include a packaged service of their vaunted SAP SuccesFactors solution, a human resource development solution, which is low-priced and completely remote controlled. This is the first time they are being sold independently, although they had been part of larger services before.

Workconnect has its fair share of improvements which is a web application recruiting solution. They have included services like online customer support, including product documentation, information and tips to troubleshoot issues. IT is also launching a online portal called the App Center which provides partner offerings and solutions.

They are bringing massive expansions to their connect line of services which address connectivity and messaging. The SAP Digital Interconnect team (previously SAP Mobile Services) is offering a number of user friendly API’s that help businessmen and programmers alike to incorporate interconnect capabilities into their applications and workflows.

They also have two new services in the same line which caters to more than 99% of global mobile subscribers in more than 200 countries. The first is called the SAP IoT connect 365 which was earlier offered as a service as a part of SAP Leonardo services. This allows customers to monitor and control IoT device connectivity and data usage globally. The other is SAP People connect 365 that provides intelligent and automated workflows that enable multichannel communication in response to either regular activities or massive disruptions.

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