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SAP expands Google partnership


SAP expands Google partnership

At the Sapphire Now conference in Orlando, SAP had lots of important announcements to make and it was easy to lose track of an interesting announcement that many missed over the ruckus created by the amount of information that flew in. One such announcement was SAP’s expansion of its tie up with Google.

The partnership, called the SAP and Google strategic innovation partnership was announced in March this year letting SAP products and solutions to run on Google Cloud Platform (GCP). This expansion takes it further making SAP cloud platform available on GCP globally. IT also includes additional certification of SAP technology and applications on the GCP.

This partnership has made it possible for the two cloud behemoths to collaborate in the future as well, something that could benefit their customers immensely. The area of collaboration includes integrations in machine learning, the IoT, data transparency and custodian services, and workplace productivity.

According to the new plans, SAP NetWeaver technology platform on GCP has been certified which enables customers to run SAP S/4HANA and SAP Business Warehouse application directly on GCP. In addition to this, both companies announced general availability and certification SAP HANA database for larger, scale out instances and a data connector for the SAP Analytics Cloud solution for Google Big Query.

The companies also plan to combine SAP’s knowledge and business expertise and Google’s Machine learning capabilities and services, providing a deadly combination that accelerates the digital transformation of their customers through AI backed intelligent apps like conversational apps that guide customers through workflows and answer queries.

SAP and Google are encouraging development of new apps built using SAP HANA systems on GCP through a competition, called the Intelligent App challenge; it challenges SAP and Google partners.

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