Alexa SAP is Expanding its Global Job Skills-Building Program
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SAP is Expanding its Global Job Skills-Building Program


SAP is Expanding its Global Job Skills-Building Program

People to Work by SAP is a great skills building program that has helped over 400,000 job seekers and professionals improve their skills. The statistics is so positive that SAP says that over 80% of those awarded SAP GlobalCertification digital badges under this program gained employment. Now, SAP is expanding this program.

The global skills building program was first established in Germany. But it has expanded to countries such as Denmark and South Korea. The program is delivered by an extensive partner network through which it offers a wide range of training options that are hosted in traditional classroom and virtual learning environments.

“To help counteract the rising unemployment at an early stage, the People to Work program by SAP focuses on helping people who are looking to get back into employment, while enabling them to develop the digital skills that are necessary to thrive in the future workforce,” said Maxwell Wessel, Chief Learning Officer, SAP SE.

The People to Work by SAP will be important in the current landscape where people are threatened by unemployment and are underemployed. SAP awards learners with SAP GlobalCertification digital badges upon completion of the program and the exam. The certification will facilitate the learners’re-entry to the job market.

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