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Sunset update makes customers question the roadmaps of the company


Sunset update makes customers question the roadmaps of the company

SAP announced sunset update for NetWeaver 7.5. This mark the end for the Java Stack and for the Abap stack, the support will end in 2025. This marks the end of Business Suite on Hana because the ECC 6.0 needs NetWeaver 7.5. SAP stated that the customers who use Business Suite on Hana or Business Suite 7 will not lose their license until 2025. An official statement will be made by SAP regarding post-2025 events.

This answer might seem correct but a major drawback in this is that it could turn out to be a major disaster for customers. Various questions raised around the move are in regards to compliance, legal retention periods, data protection, security, and support.

Insider source stated that SAP is still unsure about many things and talks are going around with user groups. One of the major conflicts in this move is the time factor because there are thousands of SoH users and technical migration would take years of planning for implementing. Setting a date of expiration for SoH and NetWeaver looks like a short-sighted need and customers are starting to lose trust in SAP’s roadmaps and strategies. In due time the official statement is expected from SAP’s side and customers want to know what is the proposal from the ERP company.

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