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Storage’s Cloud-Native Storage supporting IBM Cloud, which provides hyper-automation and app-aware storage and data management for network-centric applications, has now started supporting IBM’s Cloud Kubernetes Service (IKS).’s Cloud-Native Storage (CNS) directly integrates with IBM’s Cloud Kubernetes Service (IKS), which deploys and manages containers in the cloud. Robin CNS already provides services for AWS, Azure, GCP, and VMware Cloud Foundation.

“Supporting IBM customers that rely on IBM Cloud Kubernetes Service is another step in our commitment to integrate Robin Cloud-Native Storage with all of the environments that are most important to our users,” said Robin’s CEO ParthaSeetala in a statement. Also, Chris Rosen, program director for IBM Cloud Container Service, said, “Robin CNS is designed to make it easy to deploy and manage stateful applications on IKS, enabling our users to easily onboard workloads such as MySQL, Postgres, MongoDB, Redis, Cassandra, and more.”

Robin’s Cloud-Native Storage integrates with CSI and Kubernetes-native admin tooling through standard APIs and offers app-consistent snapshots and backups, thin clones, multi-cloud portability, and high-availability. Kubernetes provides access to services like CSI, enabling storage and data protection suppliers to provide storage provisioning, data protection, and app migration services across any Kubernetes-orchestrated cloud and on-premises environments.

However, storage and data protection for Kubernetes environments are more like services rather than a product. brings cloud-native data management capabilities to containerized applications with support for standard operations like backup and recovery, snapshots, rollbacks, and more. The service is essentially agnostic to the actual database being used and offers support for the likes of PostgreSQL, MySQL, MongoDB, Redis, MariaDB, Cassandra, Elasticsearch, and others.

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