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Cloud hosting company Scaleway launches Block Storage


Cloud hosting company Scaleway launches Block Storage

Scaleway’s Block Storage is now available for all. With general availability, users will now be able to create limitless high-performance SSD volumes.

Block Storage will be available to the users at 0.08 Euros/GB per month (5,000 IOPS). Scaleway also announced that its upcoming SSD+ offer will soon be available at 0.12 Euros/GB per month.

The currently available Block Storage will help a user create remote network-attached SSD volumes. The volumes can be attached to instances as and when required. Additionally, they are fast and flexible. This type of storage is apt for hosting databases and other persistent data.

Everything that is stored on Block Storage is replicated three times which makes data availability its prime feature. Hence, even in the case of a disk failure the company says Block Storage can offer a service level agreement (SLA) of 99.99%.

A user can also migrate a block volume from one instance to another without restarting them. They can also backup Block Storage volumes using snapshots. Block Storage is expected to be compatible with local volumes soon. If you want to try Scaleway Block Storage, you need to head over to the Instances section of the console.

Scaleway is also welcoming thoughts and feedback on the new storage service. You can join #block-storage channel on Scaleway’s public Slack for this.

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