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Wistron & Kalray unveils its new data center storage appliance


Wistron & Kalray unveils its new data center storage appliance

ICT manufacturing firm Wistron and semiconductor firm Kalray in a recent press meet has announced the availability of a new storage appliance designed to increase data center performance. According to the companies, data centres are evolving to meet growing usage demands, data generation, and a major increase in the number of machines needed to support such growth. Data centres are driving the rise of flash-based drives and storage with communications such as NVMe and NVMe-oF.

The two companies unveiled the FURIO1200, which is a 24-flash-drive NVMe-oF based storage note appliance.  This appliance is designed to be a ‘hyper-fast’ disaggregated storage system for cloud service providers and enterprises running intensive workloads. The 2U chassis uses Gen3 PCIe fabric, featuring chassis management with redundant and efficient power provision. In addition, the Intelligent Processors integrated into Kalray cards are fully programmable and are provided with an open SDK, meaning the product is able to be customized and future-proofed.

There is a strong need for more efficient and scalable storage solutions in the market. It’s the perfect fit for data-intensive applications. Together with WISTRON, one of the world’s largest manufacturers of data center servers, Kalray is developing the most excited FURIO1200 solution. Both the firm expects this solution to become a game-changer in the data storage industry.

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