7 Ways in which Artificial Intelligence has Transformed Education

Artificial Intelligence

7 Ways in which Artificial Intelligence has Transformed Education

Most people think that artificial intelligence applies to only science fiction films. In recent times it has become a significant part of our lives. The standard tools used include Amazon Alexa and Siri. There has been a rise in the utilization of artificial intelligence in Education. There have been studies carried out in the United States Education sector; it indicates that the usage has grown by over 45%.

It is a debatable discussion when people start talking about artificial intelligence in the education department. Some people have the fear that this component will take over the education system. Others believe that AI will have a significant and positive influence on Education.

There is no influence of robots in the classroom, but AI has made an impact on academic writing. It is possible to complete tasks with ease, such as grading, which is quick and easy. The primary importance of AI is to help students with their learning process.

Below find seven ways, artificial intelligence has helped in the education sector. 

Automated Grading: Most teachers are excited about the help they are getting when grading. There is an automation of the grading system to multiple-choice materials. With the level of intelligence, with time, the grading system will be more than the standardized version.

Teachers Support: There are several ways that AI helps tutors other than grading. Their routine work is manageable because of better communication. For instance, a tutor can communicate with the students via an Al chatbot. They use it as a teaching assistant, and most students are not aware it is not a human being.

Students Support: In the coming years, students will be able to grow artificial intelligence as their support system. It will be easier to know students’ strengths and weaknesses.

Meeting Student’s Needs: Artificial intelligence is useable as a learning companion. It will help students with special needs adapt and fit in the earning process and environment. AI helps with student’s social skills.

Learning Motivators: Artificial intelligence helps teachers to act as learning motivators. AI helps with more than the teaching roles with necessary information. The purpose of teachers will shift from the standard classroom setup. A teacher will act as a learning motivator or classroom facilitator.

Offers Personalized Assistance: Artificial intelligence helps students by providing personalized training outside the classroom. It will be helpful when students are working towards mastering or reinforcing a skill before their assessments. AI helps in providing all the additional tools that they need.

When a student is not able to understand the material covered, it will become a challenge to catch up. AI helps in bridging the gaps between advanced students and their tutors. Students do not need to ask questions before their peers in class. It has enabled tutoring to be affordable and accessible with the digitized programs.

Know the Weakness in the Classroom: With artificial intelligence, it is possible to know the classroom weakness. It is possible to identify all the students by their Weaknesses. Different questions will help in understanding the material that needs sharing. Teachers will be accountable for their teaching practices. Artificial intelligence is not supposed to replace the teacher but help in reshaping their ways of teaching.

Fast learners will still be engaged while slow learners will not feel left out. The elusive concept is the best for the increasing number of students. Artificial intelligence helps in setting a pace for all students.

Artificial intelligence is a futurist invention. The truth is that it is present in our daily lives and directly affects the education system. It has made the lives of the tutors and students better. The quality of Education is excellent and personalized.

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