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An error by Google's Bard AI bot costs shares of $100 billion

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An error by Google's Bard AI bot costs shares of $100 billion

In the competition for the greatest artificial intelligence technology, Google is looking for ways to persuade the public that it remains in the lead.

And the internet behemoth appears to be providing the incorrect solution thus far. In an advertisement intended to showcase its new AI bot, it was seen responding to a question inaccurately. On Wednesday, Alphabet's parent company's shares fell more than 7%, reducing the company's market worth by $100 billion.

The bot Bard was asked in a Twitter promotion about what to say to a nine-year-old about discoveries from the James Webb Space Telescope. Bard was unveiled on Monday. Investors were also underwhelmed by a presentation the company gave about its plans to deploy artificial intelligence in its products.

Google has been under pressure since late last year, when Microsoft-backed OpenAI unveiled new ChatGPT software. It quickly became a viral hit for its facility in passing business school exams, composing song lyrics and answering other questions. Though investors have embraced the push for artificial intelligence, skeptics have warned rushing out the technology raises risks of errors or otherwise skewed results, as well as issues of plagiarism.

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