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ChatGPT’s CEO addresses congress about AI concerns

Artificial Intelligence

ChatGPT’s CEO addresses congress about AI concerns

Artificial intelligence Company, ChatGPT testifies in front of the government, talking about the increasing dangers of the advanced technology.

Earlier in the week, the CEO of ChatGPT went before congress to testify, stating that the government’s action "will be critical to mitigate the risks of increasingly powerful" AI systems.

His San Francisco-based firm gained enormous popularity after releasing ChatGPT at the end of the previous year. Free chatbot ChatGPT provides responses that resemble those of a real person.

Sam Altman, CEO of OpenAI added to the conversation during the hearing on Tuesday, by saying, "We recognize that as this technology develops, people are concerned about how it might alter the way we live. We are, too,"

The next phase of “generative AI” has raised concerns because of the tools' potential to deceive people, hand out false information, disrupt copyright laws, and dislodge some jobs, all having grown out of what began as an educator’s panic about ChatGPT's usage to cheat on homework assignments.

The societal concerns that brought Mr. Altman and additional tech CEOs to the White House earlier this month have prompted U.S. agencies to make sure civil law and people are not in harm’s way. However, there is currently no indication that Congress will craft comprehensive new AI rules, as European lawmakers are doing.

Altman and other prominent figures in the tech sector have stated that they support some sort of AI regulation, but have issued warnings against what they believe to be unduly strict laws. IBM's Montgomery wants Congress to use a "precision regulation" strategy in a draught of her planned speech.

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