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Google introduces competition of its ChatGPT

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Google introduces competition of its ChatGPT

On Monday, Google announced a brand-new chatbot tool called "Bard" in an apparent effort to counteract ChatGPT's success in going viral.

Google and Alphabet CEO Sundar Pichai announced in a blog post that Bard will be made available to "trusted testers" starting on Monday with intentions to make it public "in the coming weeks." Bard is based on a sizable language model, just like ChatGPT, which the AI research firm OpenAI officially unveiled in late November. To produce engaging responses to user cues, these models are trained on enormous web data sets.

The statement comes as online search, Google's flagship product, is reportedly facing its worst risk in years. In the two months after it went public, ChatGPT has been used to answer some queries that people may have previously searched for on Google, as well as to generate essays, stories, and song lyrics.

According to reports, Google's management has declared a "code red" situation for its search company as a result of the enormous attention being paid to ChatGPT. Paul Buchheit, a co-creator of Gmail, cautioned that the growth of AI could cause Google to be completely disrupted in a tweet from last year.

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