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Microsoft 'Presenter Coach' utilizes AI for improving presentation skills

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Microsoft 'Presenter Coach' utilizes AI for improving presentation skills

Microsoft is utilizing Artificial Intelligence for its PowerPoint Presenter Coach app. It has released the app for desktop and mobile, which allows students and professionals to improve their presentation skills through feedback from AI. The app is now available for iOS, Android, Windows, and Mac. It will help users practice speech delivery in hybrid scenarios. The users get feedback on their pace, pitch, vocabulary, grammar, originality, and use of sensitive phrases.

The AI tool also provides scores and the summary report highlighting key feedback metrics, which helps the users more confident in public speaking. The AI-powered PowerPoint Presenter Coach tool has been available for the web client since June 2019. Microsoft is working hard to make use of AI in improving the app. Apart from the previous features already available, the web version will start testing newer features like body language, use of repetitive language, and pronunciation.

Starting with 'body language,' the new capability leverages the PC's video camera to give feedback on your posture. Repetitive language feedback tracks words and phrases that users repeat unwantedly. Lastly, the PowerPoint Presenter Coach can now advise users about the correct pronunciation of words they speak throughout the rehearsal. As per Microsoft, the app allows users to deliver a more engaging presentation.With future updates, the company will give the user the option to disable the feedback. Microsoft hasalso made clear that it does not save video or audio data from rehearsal.

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