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Aston Martin partners with Britishvolt to develop battery cell technology


Aston Martin partners with Britishvolt to develop battery cell technology

Iconic British luxury sports car maker Aston Martin has signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with lithium-ion battery cell technologies firm Britishvolt. Both companies will work to develop battery cell technology specifically designed for high-performance cars.

Aston Martin plans to launch its first battery-electric vehicle in 2025, which is expected to replace one of the sports carmaker’s current high-performance vehicles. The automaker also aims to provide a battery-powered powertrain option to all new product lines by 2026 and to display a completely electrified core portfolio by 2030.

The collaboration with Britishvolt will complement Aston Martin’s partnership with Mercedes-Benz Group AG, which involves the German automaker providing electric and hybrid drive systems in exchange for more shares.

Britishvolt’s agreement with Aston Martin is the firm’s second with an automaker this year. The battery firm signed a battery partnership with another British sports car maker, Lotus Cars Limited.

Aston Martin is presently working on its first plug-in hybrid car, the Valhalla, which will be launched in 2024. After that, the company will bring its first electric vehicle (EV) in 2025. By 2026, Aston Martin claims that all of its new ranges will have electrified variants.

Both Britishvolt and Aston Martin will jointly work on the EV project to develop, design, and industrialize battery packs, including battery management systems and bespoke modules. Both companies will jointly work on high-performance cylindrical cells.

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