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4 Essential Steps to Modernizing Your Financial Institution

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4 Essential Steps to Modernizing Your Financial Institution

It’s high time for financial institutions to embrace the digital revolution. The market is changing, and many corporate and retail banking clients are expecting their financial services providers to offer products, solutions, and platforms that are made for digital natives and make full use of current technologies. A financial organization that’s stuck using legacy systems, simply put, will not be able to keep up with these demands and stay ahead of the competition.

Modernizing a financial institution is a long and continuing process, and there are different ways that banking, financial services, and insurance (BFSI) companies can approach the goal of going digital. How you’ll go about modernizing your own organization depends on your key concerns, resources, timeline, and even the vendor who will provide you with the technology to achieve integrated finance.

Here are the essential steps you need to take to plan and implement a modernization process that will meet the needs and goals of your institution.

Determine Your Goals and Come Up with a Fitting Strategy to Achieve Them

What’s your current goal for your financial institution, the one that this current modernization campaign will help you achieve? Do you want to make use of digital solutions to fast-track your company’s post-pandemic recovery, meet customer demands by activating digital platforms, or reduce operating costs by a specific number through modernization?

There are plenty of different solutions that your financial institution can look into at the moment, but finding out exactly why you want to modernize your organization can help you determine which technologies will be most useful to you. From this point, you can start working on a modernization timeline, budget, strategy, solution, and other practical considerations that will help you see your goals to fruition.

Prioritize Modernization Processes That Can Offer the Best Benefits

More likely than not, there are plenty of systems and processes that will need to be overhauled to make significant progress toward your goal, and you need to determine which of these should be prioritized in your modernization efforts. This can be done through value stream mapping or creating a detailed visualization of all the steps you need to take in your modernization initiative. From this map, you can pick out projects that will enable you to make a long-lasting impact on your modernization efforts and your organization’s goals in general.

Ideally, you should pick out projects that offer the best opportunity for success and bigger business benefits. Completing these projects early on will not only help you reach the next stage of your modernization campaign and set your company up for incremental progress, but it will also help you convince the people you work with of the value of modernization.

Plan an Implementation Road Map with Your Staff and Your Technology Provider

The vendor you choose will play a big role in the success of your modernization efforts. Your technology provider can customize solutions to meet your particular needs, play a key role in training your staff and rolling out new technologies, and troubleshoot any issues you may have during the implementation process or while you’re using their services. Picking the right partner for the job is crucial to your modernization initiative.

Your business and IT teams will serve as a bridge between your organization and your technology provider, and it’s essential to get their input in the vendor selection process. The business team can identify the issues that need to be addressed while the IT team can determine the technologies needed to meet these specific challenges, and they can come up with the criteria for the ideal technology provider together. The input from these teams will help you put together a detailed list of the products and services that you want the ideal vendor to provide your company, assess the capabilities of the vendors in your shortlist, and anticipate issues during the implementation stage that your technology provider should be able to address.

Look for Opportunities to Continually Evolve Your Processes and Systems

Finance modernization is an ongoing engagement. Even as you’re working on your organization’s current digitalization initiative, you should also be thinking about the changing expectations of the market and how new technologies can help you meet these new standards. On top of your core banking system, what other processes and systems in your financial institution can make use of modernization initiatives? Think of vertical and horizontal developments, ones that will involve and benefit all the stakeholders in your company. By adopting an encompassing view of how different disciplines can fully utilize modern technology, you’re taking solid steps in bringing the rest of your financial institution into the digital age.

Getting Started: Assessing Your Organization’s Direction, Capabilities, and Options

A thorough grounding on your financial institution’s current needs and opportunities for advancement will help you set a firm foundation for your modernization initiatives. Consult with your business and IT teams early on and start building the case for modernization and how being a part of the digital revolution will enable your financial organization to maintain its edge over the competition.

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