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Google advice on avoiding money-stealing scams and taking action

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Google advice on avoiding money-stealing scams and taking action

Google recently alerted users to a scam involving gift cards for the Play Store.

Google has identified some warning signs, or "red flags," that can be used by users to determine whether they are the target of a scam. Google warned users to exercise caution because there are several variations of this scam.

If someone asks you to purchase a Google Play gift card and share the code so that you can make a purchase outside of Google Play, Google warns that they may be trying to con you.

How to recognize gift card scams in the Google Play Store

  1. According to Google, scammers may use strategies in which they pose as government organizations to trick people. The con artist might assert that you owe money for various things, like taxes or debt. The con artist will insist on receiving payment via gift cards in order to avoid being arrested or having physical items seized.
  2. In a similar vein, a fraudster may pretend to be a member of your family, an attorney, or another representative. They make up stories about your family member having problems and insist that gift cards must be paid in order to solve the problem. They might dissuade you from getting in touch with the real family member to confirm the claim.
  3. Nevertheless, these are just a few examples of scams. Scammers frequently switch up how they deceive people. Just keep in mind that it might be a scam if someone asks you for the code.

What to do if you've been duped into purchasing a fake Google Play gift card

  • If you have been a victim of the gift card scam, you should first report it to your local police department.
  • After that, alert Google to the gift card scam. By reporting it, you can help protect others and yourself from similar shady behavior in the future.
  • Additionally, avoid using Google Play gift cards for things like paying taxes or bail. They are only meant to be used for Google Play purchases.
  • Never divulge the gift card's security code, which is located there.

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